💯 Don’t judge people.

You can’t be free if you’re always judging people.

Live in the now, love, create, inspire.

Start doing more of what you want to do and what you love to do.

Get busy doing what drives you and what inspires you to keep going and get out of bed every morning!

You see, as soon as you let go of the hate and judgment and resentment that holds back our spirits and minds and hearts, as soon as you let go of that and start living in the present, start living in the moment, you’ll see your life start to change.

You’ll feel the weight of the world sliding off your shoulders. You’ll breath deeper again. The colors in your life will be a little more vivid.

The judgment and hate of others, it’s like a prison.

Today is the day.

NOW is the moment.

Let go of concerning yourself with what others are doing.

Their path is not your path.

They must follow a different road.

And the longer you try to walk down someone else’s path or try to live on someone’s else road or vision or dream, the more you get sucked away, lost, buried and the more unhappy and angry you become.

Because judgment breeds anger and hostility.

You get focused on our differences as a bad thing, when in actuality, our differences is what makes us beautiful and unique.

Today, right now, in this moment, start to look at life thru a different lens.

Today is the day you let go of judgment and ridicule and shame and hate towards others.

Today is the day indeed my friends.

The choice is your.

Do you want to live happy and free on your own accord, or would you rather continue to build the walls of your self-made prison, living out your days in anger and sadness and regret?

Don’t let pride make you a fool.

Act today.




You can do it.

Because YOU can do ANYTHING you put your mind to.



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Marshal (406) 510-2474

Marshal (406) 510-2474

Award Winning Transformational Storyteller, Spiritual Healing Facilitator, and Founder of SacredWarriorTribe.com